William R. Weldon

Prior to founding Weldon Resources, I worked for 33 years on Wall Street and LaSalle Street. As a driven young man on the exchange trading floors I quickly ascended the corporate ranks to hold leadership positions at two of Wall Street's top investment houses. I came to realize (much later) that I was one of those "high potentials"! After three decades, I made the decision to leverage my experience to the consulting, coaching and mentoring of individuals and firms.

I work with the senior executive on performance issues, leadership development and brand building. I have chosen to focus on the development of a firm's High Potential Senior Executive to help realize his or her continuing contribution. It is a resource that I needed many years ago. I appreciate that the clear understanding of goals and their articulation on all levels of communication is critical to acchievement.

I received my professional coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), and founded Weldon Resources as an organization dedicated to providing leadership development, executive performance coaching and career planning services.