Next Right Ready & RetainTM


Next Right Ready & Retain is the consulting methodology for Business Owners and High Potentials at all stages in their career.


Objective of the Next Right Ready & RetainTM

  • Who is NEXT in the firm for greater responsibility?
  • Consult with senior management to identify top performers and high potential employees.
  • Is that NEXT person RIGHT for the opportunity we have now?
  • Is that NEXT RIGHT candidate READY?
  • Develop, evolve and implement strategic growth plans for each candidate.
  • Guide these executives through specific action steps to achieve their growth objectives.
  • Provide these High Potentials with a support system that ensures they remain accountable for the actions they need to take.
  • RETAIN these executives through continuing to coach, guide and educate them in business situations ensuring that they take the actions most appropriate.

Firm’s Benefits of the Next Right Ready & RetainTM Approach

  • Promote the understanding of the firm's identity, culture and mission.
  • Promote the Executive's clarity of contribution to the direction of the firm.
  • Establish a plan that will actively guide them through each phase of their business and leadership development.
  • Establish a regular and formal qualitative review of each executive.
  • Retain the focused investment you have made in your teams for the benefit of your organization.
  • Build your organization with experienced leaders.



Weldon Resources provides High Potentials and Managers with an experienced business builder as the consultant who attentively listens and promotes the clear understanding of the mission that leads to results.

Next Right Ready & RetainTM is the skill and leadership development method designed by Weldon Resources to work with senior management to recognize and train the firm’s high-potential employees. Through assessments of knowledge, motivation and leadership potential, Next Right Ready & RetainTM successfully guides the future leaders  in developing their professional skills and in delivering the firm’s objectives.

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